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ZAGS series

The main characters of the series “ZAGS” – are employees of a registry office. The plot is the history of visitors, one way or another related to this public institution.

So, situations, as well as conditions, can be very different. From the happiest to the most tragic. There are a lot of happiness and a lot of grief. Someone comes to create a family, in the next room they are burning with the desire to divorce. Here are a couple of parents still thinking about the name of their babies, and next to them some relatives have come for a certificate of death. But the series is not divided into black and white stripes. Everything there is mixed and confused as in real life. Someone from the divorcees will be absolutely happy, and for some, marriage is a reconciliation with a tragic inevitability. The new project makes it possible to combine very different situations in one place and compare them. In each series there are two emotionally different histories…

Directors: Artem Nasybulin, Sergej Pishikov, Aleksej Girba, Vitalij Skorodumov, Leonid Konovalov
Screenwrigter: Larisa Leonenko
Cameramen: Maksim Mihanuk, Oleg Moshelkov
Composer: Alexey Hitman
Costume designer: Ekaterina Kovineva
Producers: Natalya Bilan, Natalya Korotkova
Production: Story First Production
Number of episodes: 20
Timing: 24 min.
Release date: July 1, 2013 (Domashniy)
Genre: plot-forming procedural drama

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