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Actor, presenter

Actor’s form
years of experience

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Video presentation and showreel

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Photo portfolio

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  You can view the complete collection of photos from portfolio on PHOTOSESSIONS page.


Singer, musician, composer

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songs in repertoire
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orchestral tracks
advertising tracks

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My music studio

My possibilities

Music for commercial use in audio and video advertising, TV series, short-length movies and cinema

Creation of a unique musical composition based on the melody and chords

Creating a copy close to original: pop, rock, disco, electro, hip-hop, r’n’b, classical music

Jingles for radio stations and DJs, background pads

Scoring text for self-editing, dubbing, computer games, presentations, flash-apps

Audio clips: informational, gaming, parody, vocal

Fiction, scientific, business, educational, children’s literature, poetry

Audioguide in Russian or English languages: museums, theaters, exhibitions, by city and country, in transport, for a GPS-guide

Creation of audio tales and audioplays: acting and music-noise design

Voice messages, voice menu, autoresponders, announcements for guests and visitors

Texts for audio clips, video presentations, corporate anthems

Adding acoustic sounds and noises to video. Creating an ambient atmosphere and speech synchronization

Recording of vocal, songs, poems, texts. Corporate anthems, song as a gift, musical recognition in love

Selection of the best takes, tuning, alignment of duration, dynamic processing, adding effects, creation of double-backs

Removing noises, clicks and hiss, leveling out frequencies and volume, adjusting the “floating” tempo, changing the key and speed of playback

  You can view my commercial portfolio on COMMERCIAL MUSIC page.

Orchestral demo-mix

This audio track is watermarked and posted for your personal acquaintance without the right to be used for commercial purposes and without mentioning the author. If you are interested in any material, please contact me.

Orchestral Demo-Mix
  To listen to the full versions of the orchestral tracks, please visit ORCHESTRAL MUSIC page.


  • Paintings by order and sale available;

  • Works in oil on canvas/cardboard or watercolor pencils;

  • Landscapes, flowers and portraits by photos;

  • Any sizes.

  You can look at the finished oil works on MY PAINTINGS page.


You can send me your suggestions for cooperation using the form below.

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