“Life is too short to spend it on unnecessary, unloved and joyless activities. But in order to change something in it, sometimes courage is needed. Successful is the one who finds in himself this courage and dares to become happy.”


Do you believe in fate? I do. How else to explain the fact that, being born on a World Theater Day 27 March 1990, without even knowing it, I, from the very beginning of my life, always felt inextricable connection to art? The strongest influence on my choice caused the time in high school with a humanities-aesthetic bias. There I was first introduced to painting and music, started to like languages ​​and began to actively participate in all sorts of vocal competitions and festivals. During that time I attended drama school, which put an end to an issue of choosing a future career. With great creative potential and desire to realize it, I made a decision to study on theatrical faculty. I successfully passed the entrance exams in 2007 and became a student of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts.

Four years of study passed very quickly, but it was another very important step in my life. During that time I formed my goals and interests, gained valuable knowledges that now I constantly expand and deepen.

In 2011 I moved to Moscow to stay closer to the art industry and to improve myself as an artist in all the meanings of this word.

At the moment, I can say that of all creative areas I have identified six major ones which I try to maintain and develop equally and parallel.

Not by chance this section is on the first place of the list – I am a certified specialist who graduated from theater faculty with a specialty of an “Actor of dramatic theater and cinema” with honors.

It happened so that I have not tried myself in theater, I moved from Voronezh to Moscow and immediately became an active participant in all kinds of auditions for commercials, series and other television projects. In six years I have gained the experience, which now helps me to be demanded and competitive. There are numerous video work in my achievements list, which are collected in the video gallery in COMMERCIALS, MOVIES AND SERIES, MUSIC VIDEOS and MISCELLANEOUS.

I started the performer’s career at the age of 19. The desire to combine my studies at the Academy of Arts and additional income led me to the event business. I started to work at weddings, first as a vocalist, then I became a performer. Over time, I learned all the intricacies of the work as a performer and more job offers began to come. “Word of mouth” works well in this area – customers started to invite me to perform on various events by acquaintance. I always try to make each event special for myself – it is so important to always be in a good mood and have a subtle sense of humor, keep track of time and choose the right entertainment program.

You can leave a request for managing your event on the SERVICES page in the EVENTS section.

In childhood and before I moved to Moscow, I was actively developing in this direction, I was a permanent participant in all school concerts and city vocal competitions. During my studies at the academy, I worked as a performer and a singer at weddings and corporate parties. After two years of participation in numerous competitions of French song I went to All-Russian Vocal Competition “FESTICHANT” in 2009. Then I became a 1st degree winner and got a chance to visit France as a reward.

You can listen to my songs following this link – MY SONGS and find the most valuable diplomas on MY DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES section below.

I worked on two radio stations (RetroFM and MuzFM) in weather forecast, and recorded commercials for various brands in trade centers. Some of these audio recordings you can listen on the VOICE page.

The story of this hobby began when I was seven years old. Then I started to play the accordion at the music school. That stage has given me a very important skill of musical notation and playing on the keyboard instruments. I managed to transform it into something more comprehensive, that is discussed further.

After I graduated from the music school rush of inspiration literally forced me to re-touch music keyboard again. I could’t resist the temptation to try to compose something after I realized what amazing things you can make on the computer with no need in real instruments and musicians. I liked my first results and plunged into self-study of various manuals about writing music on the computer. The search for musical style and my own handwriting led me to the orchestral genre. A collection of my works is being constantly updated, you can listen to complete tracks in ORCHESTRAL MUSIC gallery, as well as in COMMERCIAL PROJECTS, which contains my custom-made works.

This is another creative direction in my portfolio. It all started with a simple children’s curiosity when I decided to try to draw something with oil paints. Now I have all rights to say that I paint in oil, because my collection consists of about 50 works and the best ones you can find in MY PAINTINGS.

Above all, I am an active member of an international volunteering movement and a participant in youth exchanges, seminars and various trainings since 2010. Thus, I visited many countries in Europe and received valuable experience in such projects. As a volunteer I was in France (2010), Spain (2014) and Italy (2015). I have amazing experience of participating in international seminars and trainings, the main idea of which is to resolve various conflicts and rally people of all nationalities, races and religions. So I took part in a project in Kassel (Germany) in 2013, in Munich (Germany) in 2015 and in a project which consisted of two parts – one of them was in Frankfurt (Germany) in 2017, and another was in Mykolaiv (Ukraine) in 2018.

I love to combine work and travel abroad. In 2015 I worked as a guest relations expert and an animator in a luxurious wellness and spa hotel Pomegranate in Halkidiki, Greece. The year after in 2016 I came back in that area, and worked as an English teacher and a team leader of three Turkish and one Russian groups in Skouras language and sports camp – one of the biggest children camps in Europe. Who would have thought that i would end up in Lapland (Finland) in December 2018 working as a “little Santa’s helper” – Christmas elf! That was a wonderful experience I will never forget.

Each trip cause beneficial effect on creativity and expand worldview, refresh faded in everyday life feelings and emotions, which are so necessary for the person of art. Check my certificates of participation on MY DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES section below.

At the moment, I continue to work and develop in all these areas, I am in constant search of new forms and inspiration. Citing the well-known Russian director and founder of the Moscow Art Theater, K. Stanislavsky, I try to “love art in myself, and not myself in art“.

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There are special sites on the Internet about Russian cinema and theater, where a detailed database of all films, series, plays and theatrical performances is collected, as well as information about the employees of these spheres. Below there are the most famous sites on which you can find my pages (in Russian language).

  You can see the photobook of my memorable life events on MOMENTS page where I publish photos from my account in Instagram .

My diplomas and certificates

Clients I’ve worked with

Here is the list of clients I have worked with. Most of them invited me to work as a commercial actor for their brands, the rest of them I met working at corporate events or performing other creative tasks.


“To live for a leaving behind a light and a good memory that will warm millions of people’s souls even after your life… To live for a being remembered and never forgotten, to let people know that once there was such a person who loved, worked and just enjoyed every moment of his short but productive life… Isn’t this the highest aim which is worth to live a life? Isn’t this the very meaning of life that everyone tries to find so hard and sometimes can not find?

Artists create their paintings – masterpieces that generations are admire and bow. Composers make a genius music which excites the ear, forces a heart to beat in rhythm with a beloved melody… Sculptors and architects construct colossal monuments and buildings which make you feel the breath of that Era which time it had been created. Filmmakers shoot amazing movies, at moments of viewing you dive into the atmosphere of a plot, go through with the heroes and spill for them and with them tears of grief and joy. Great writers make their poems and prose, reading which, you become a participant of the events of a distant past or a foggy future, talking about eternal questions and finding answers on your own.

Art can make a person immortal. It can defeat the death. Years and centuries will pass, one generation will replace another, but nothing can erase memory of a truly great creator. Given only once, a person’s life can illuminate the path to others after his death if he can properly dispose his artistic energy. But it can also disappear under the centuries-old layer of history, because of fails to embody his skills and potential. Which way to choose – everyone decides it for himself. And if he still chooses the first option, then only God knows what torments and hardships man will doom himself in the earthly life for the sake of eternal memory. But if he succeed, man can close the eternal question “is there life after death?” confidently saying that there is one.”

February, 2010