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Their first night is a chain of random coincidences. However, after some time, she appears in his office under a different name and a suspiciously clean biography. And this, it seems, is no coincidence.

Director and scriptwriter: Dmitry Baran
Cinematography: Andrey Pukhov, Fyodor Struchev, Grigory Rudakov
Producers: Artyom Belousov, Alexey Karpov
Artists: Vladislav Ogai, Tatyana Umanets
Composer: Artyom Vasiliev (III), Alexander Vartanov (II)
Premiere: April 21, 2022

Focus Group

Director and screenwrighter: Alexey Karpov (with the participation of Sonya Skaldina)
Cameraman: Dasha Grafova
Producers: Artyom Belousov, Alexey Karpov
Costume designer: Zoya Sohor
Production designer: Maxim Zhukov
Makeup artist: Ekaterina Eremina
Sound engineers: Jean Mukhamedzhanov
Composer: George Stefanov
Date: 2019

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Another focus group gathers to discuss the script of the commercial. Tired brand manager Marina and director Pavel want to quickly make a presentation and approve the video. But the focus group again turns the discussion into an absurdity. The final meeting is unpredictable…


Director and screenwriter: Andrey Voronin
Cameraman: Ulyana Lukyachenko
Set Designer: Maria Chekhonadsky
Costume Designer: Kristina Egorova
Make-up artist: Valentina Kopylova
Sound producer: Alexey Arkhipov
Date: 2015

Games in Darkness

Eleven hopelessly sick people are locked in an attic for a deadly game. But among them there is one who collected them here, and he is healthy. If the patients find the healthy one, they can prolong their lives. If not – they will die.

Director: Ilona Zhunda
Director of 11th part: Anton Jadko
Producer: Sergey Korzhenevich
Screenwriter: Mila Fahurdinova
Duration: 117 min.
Release date: 2013
Genre: thriller, drama

The film “Games In Darkness” is based on principle of a poetic game Burime. The essence of the game – the players compose the lines of the poem to the given rhymes. In our Burime players are directors and spectators, and rhymes are short key fragments of the film. Directors come up and shoot their own version. This form implies full participation of all comers in the creation of a full-length feature film. What was the result of this? Twenty filmmakers and thousands of spectators made a film together.

  Taking into account the specifics of the project, several variants of the finals were given to the audience voting. The version in which I took part, unfortunately, did not form the plot of the film, but I gladly give you the opportunity to see it on my website.

Roses from Alexander

Director: Alexander Zavyalov
Cameraman: Edward Obodzinsky
Film editor: Ilya Silaev
Makeup artist: Ksenia Shtal
Sound engineers: Maxim Ivanov, Alexei Ryaskov
Music selection: Christine Zavyalova
Date: 2013



The main characters of the series “ZAGS” – are employees of a registry office. The plot is the history of visitors, one way or another related to this public institution.

So, situations, as well as conditions, can be very different. From the happiest to the most tragic. There are a lot of happiness and a lot of grief. Someone comes to create a family, in the next room they are burning with the desire to divorce. Here are a couple of parents still thinking about the name of their babies, and next to them some relatives have come for a certificate of death. But the series is not divided into black and white stripes. Everything there is mixed and confused as in real life. Someone from the divorcees will be absolutely happy, and for some, marriage is a reconciliation with a tragic inevitability. The new project makes it possible to combine very different situations in one place and compare them. In each series there are two emotionally different histories…

Directors: Artem Nasybulin, Sergej Pishikov, Aleksej Girba, Vitalij Skorodumov, Leonid Konovalov
Screenwrigter: Larisa Leonenko
Cameramen: Maksim Mihanuk, Oleg Moshelkov
Composer: Alexey Hitman
Costume designer: Ekaterina Kovineva
Producers: Natalya Bilan, Natalya Korotkova
Production: Story First Production
Number of episodes: 20
Timing: 24 min.
Release date: July 1, 2013 (Domashniy)
Genre: plot-forming procedural drama

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