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Their first night is a chain of random coincidences. However, after some time, she appears in his office under a different name and a suspiciously clean biography. And this, it seems, is no coincidence.

Director and scriptwriter: Dmitry Baran
Cinematography: Andrey Pukhov, Fyodor Struchev, Grigory Rudakov
Producers: Artyom Belousov, Alexey Karpov
Artists: Vladislav Ogai, Tatyana Umanets
Composer: Artyom Vasiliev (III), Alexander Vartanov (II)
Premiere: April 21, 2022

Focus Group

Director and screenwrighter: Alexey Karpov (with the participation of Sonya Skaldina)
Cameraman: Dasha Grafova
Producers: Artyom Belousov, Alexey Karpov
Costume designer: Zoya Sohor
Production designer: Maxim Zhukov
Makeup artist: Ekaterina Eremina
Sound engineers: Jean Mukhamedzhanov
Composer: George Stefanov
Date: 2019

  Read an article about the movie here (in Russian).

Another focus group gathers to discuss the script of the commercial. Tired brand manager Marina and director Pavel want to quickly make a presentation and approve the video. But the focus group again turns the discussion into an absurdity. The final meeting is unpredictable…