“Music is the greatest achievement of humanity. It helps to tell about things that don’t have description in any language of the world. It is one of the brightest and most powerful means of expression. And the possibilities of orchestral music are completely endless. With its help, I reveal the most secret depths of my soul. Listening to my works, you will find out who I really am…”

A Concept Triple Album

Have you ever dreamed as a child of being in a magical land, inhabited with brave knights and beautiful princesses, fire-breathing dragons and all-powerful wizards? I think each of us liked to fantasise and create his own dream world. After growing up we part with our heroes, stop believing in miracles and inevitably plunge into the adult life. But how great it would be to return back in childhood at least sometimes, at least for a few minutes!

And I found such a time machine for myself in music. It allows me to create and build fabulous cities and countries, to conduct intense battles for the throne and to embark on dangerous journeys, to fall in love and regret about something that can never be returned. In my orchestral world there are no boundaries and time. Everyone who gets into it has the right to arrange their own laws and regulations. Together with my music I give you a whole universe where everything is serious and real. I give you the opportunity to dive into childhood once again…

So, it’s time to open the book, to get a pen and ink and to start writing a new story. A story with no place for everyday bustle and routine.

Welcome to my world!

Dream World - Overture (instrumental)

  As a preview you can download orchestral demo-mix on SERVICES page.

“COLOSSUS” album

The album “COLOSSUS” contains the most epic and powerful orchestral compositions that will take its listener to the world of good and evil, large-scale military battles and a bloody struggle for power. Colossus universe is inhabited by mythical creatures, where you can see fire-breathing dragons attacking the walls of an ancient city, travel to the expanses of the seas and meet never seen before monsters sinking ships into the dark abyss, face the ghosts inhabiting an abandoned house at the edge of a dense forest, or fall into the epicenter of raging nature. The gloomy halls of the world of Colossus are limited only by your imagination!

Album title: Colossus
Album artist: Artyom Kashkin
Genre: orchestral, soundtrack, neo-classical
Number of tracks: 11
Duration: 40 minutes
Release date: 2020
Quality: mp3 (256 kbit/s)

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Breaking Dawn
Haunted House
Marine Waltz
Run Or Die
The Last Battle
Heart Of A King

The album “APOCRYTOS” concentrated the most lyrical and slow compositions from my music collection. It is full of new discoveries, nostalgic memories and, of course, didn’t exclude the immortal love theme. It is a sequel of a story from the first album COLOSSUS, its transformation into light and further extension. Nevertheless the way to catharsis lies through uncharted lands and a warfield that hasn’t cooled down yet, it still keeps many secrets and mysteries that needs to be gone through to achieve enlightenment and meet the new world of elves and magical creatures. In that fairytale land you can take a walk along the sunlit streets, meet the giant trees, see the wizards and reflect on the transience of life.

Album title: Apocrytos
Album artist: Artyom Kashkin
Genre: orchestral, soundtrack, neo-classical
Number of tracks: 11
Duration: 36 minutes
Release date: 2020
Quality: mp3 (256 kbit/s)

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Wind Of Change
Forbidden Lands
Forgotten Dreams
Faith And Glory
The Way To Freedom
Love Never Dies

The third album “MASHINETRON” tells a story of a distant future, in which there is no place for free humanity – almighty robots invaded the world. Once the machines went out of control, united and stood on the warpath with their creators. Where fertile fields used to stretch and deep rivers used to flow, now towers rest in the sky and hi-tech aircrafts fly around. What once was created to serve people enslaved them and made them their resources. The only thing machines cannot take away from humans – is feelings. Perhaps this is the advantage that still gives hope for salvation and  ridding the world from inevitable death…

Album title: Mashinetron
Album artist: Artyom Kashkin
Genre: orchestral, soundtrack, neo-classical
Number of tracks: 9
Duration: 32:17 minutes
Release date: 2020 – 2023
Quality: mp3 (256 kbit/s)

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Age Of New Dawn
Winter's Tale
Seven Angels
The Last Hero
Child of War
The Clock Is Ticking
10 The Second Coming

Music libraries

Cinesamples orchestral collection

The most powerful and one of my favorite companies producing virtual instrument libraries I rightly consider Cinesamples. It is a highly customizable collection of all orchestral instrument groups you may need to create wide and cinematic orchestral sound that became a “gold standard” in the industry. Each instrument was recorded by 3 groups of microphones (close, room and surround) and also has a Full Mix option. Mixing the microphone positions preserves natural acoustics of the room and brings unique sounding to the instrument, and the innovative method of ligating notes provides incredible realism and is able to satisfy the most demanding ideas of a composer.

CineSymphony bundle contains 16 libraries:

  • CinePerc,
  • CineStrings CORE,
  • CineStrings SOLO,
  • CineStrings RUNS,
  • CineBrass CORE,
  • CineBrass PRO,
  • CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble.
  • CineBrass Descant Horn,
  • CineBrass Sonore,
  • CineBrass Horns Of The Deep,
  • CineWinds CORE,
  • CineWinds PRO,
  • CineWinds Monster Low Winds,
  • CinePiano,
  • CineHarpsichord.
  • CineHarps.

Cinesamples’ instruments are used across the globe and featured in countless blockbuster films, television, trailers and video game sсores. They were recorded at MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles by real musicians, who also collaborate with renowned composers and perform music sessions for various Hollywood projects live.

Other libraries

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Additional materials

Especially for those who is curious to know what the music projects look like on the computer, I decided to record the Cubase program window video before the final export of the new orchestral track. Perhaps it will become an inspiration for someone, and for others it might be an educational lesson about creating your own music on the computer.