Hi all!

Friends, according to the old tradition, I publish a post-congratulation on the World Theater Day and concurrently accept congratulations in my address as a birthday man. A lot has happened over the past year, by my age of 33 I managed to try my hand at creativity and heavy repair work, I traveled a lot around Europe and experienced the whole palette of feelings and emotions. Now I am gradually returning to acting, I plan to record a new song and to create many more new vocal and orchestral compositions. At the beginning of this year I had 4 advertising projects that became a bright dominant after a year and a half “vacation” while I was dealing with the apartment renovation. Two videos have already been released, so I’m posting them on this page. Looking ahead I am sure many bright moments and new creative discoveries await me.

I congratulate you on Theater Day, I wish you to always be honest with yourself and play only on stage (if your life is connected with it). Remember that we only live once and we need to use the time allotted to us wisely and not to waste it on empty talks, resentment and useless deeds. Engage in creativity because it enlightens the mind, enriches the soul and makes our life fulfilled and real.

Happy World Theater Day 2023 to you and to my 33rd birthday!