Hello friends!

Here comes the end of another year. By tradition with the previous ones, this year was also filled with the whole spectrum of events and emotions, which together are called life. And it does not always go the way we would like it to, but it is always in our hands to make it a little better. The outgoing 2022 has become a “year of overhaul” for me: after moving to a new apartment I couldn’t put up with its shortcomings for a long time and decided to correct the situation. And how I was mistaken in my ideas about what renovation really is! Deciding to start with just replacing the interior doors, I launched an irreversible process of chaos, from which, step by step, I had to restore every centimeter in the apartment on my own. Literally everything was replaced: new electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, sewerage, floors, walls and ceiling. Endless dust, dirt, pieces of plaster and a total lack of amenities for living that began in June, fortunately, stopped by the end of this year. For seven endless months I could not do anything other than the renovation. At a professional level I plunged into the study of work with a spatula and building mixtures, the construction of gas-block walls, soldering polypropylene pipes, making self-leveling floors, ditching and laying electrical cables, installing entrance and interior doors, grouting tile joints. I consider December 21 as the official end date of the renovation – then I completed the installation of a sanitary box made of decorative wooden panels, which was the last stage of work in the bathroom. But as you know the repair can never be totally completed, it can only be suspended – the installation of stretch ceilings and lighting in the apartment and the laying of skirting boards are ahead. But this is mere trifles compared to what I have already done.

Unfortunately, having plunged into the repair process, I completely fell out of the working rut and practically did not participate in my usual projects and shootings, didn’t touch the music and didn’t write a single track except for the song “I Pray”, which was completed at the beginning of the year. Therefore next year 2023 I will throw all my strength into catching up and restoring the pause in my career.

Keep dreaming, friends, strive for beauty inside and around you! Do not be afraid to conquer new heights and to discover unexpected skills and abilities in yourself. May the New Year 2023 change our lives for the better!

I congratulate myself on the new renovation, and enter the New 2023 Year with new hopes!