Here comes another WORLD THEATER DAY and with it my twenty-ninth birthday!

Backstage, ramp lights, and you’re on the stage. And now follows the silent hall. Behind your every word and movement. Then – flowers, applause squall. And once again the curtains are lowered, but we will meet with you again. Viva to you all, actors and actresses! Thanks for the game and keep it up! Congratulations, directors, let all performances pass under stormy ovations. Make-up artists, costumers and prompters, all for whom the theater has become life.

I want to congratulate you on the Day of the Theater. Let the magic spirit of soaring beauty and creativity always surround you. I wish you more new performances and ever-accompanying muse and inspiration. Let the applause never cease, let the audience’s delight be a great reward to you. I wish you success in your work and stormy ovations!