Hello my friends!

Today I’m ready to introduce you my new song with a simple but very thoughtful title “TIME”.

Work on the composition continued for a month. The melody and lyrics were written relatively quickly, but the vocal part turned out to be unexpectedly complicated – the issue was not even in the high key of the track, but in the motive itself and the chanted notes, which I certainly wanted to bring vibrato to. I spent four big recording sessions while making vocals, spent a huge amount of time choosing successful takes, processing and mixing them. Now you can listen to the result of my efforts on my website.

As in all my creative work, I continue to share with you the most cherished and hidden things I have – my thoughts and inner world. In a new song I raise the topic about eternal and unequal struggle of Man against Time. Since long ago, people have been looking for ways to  subdue time: alchemy was looking for an elixir of eternal youth, scientists tried to understand the secrets of time matter, science fiction dreamed of inventing a time machine and return to the past. No matter how much we want it, all life on earth is mortal and man is no exception. However we constantly postpone everything: a trip to visit our parents, buying something pleasant, fulfilling an old dream, or just meeting a good friend. But what’s the most important – we forget that time is the same for everyone, and one day you may not have a chance to finish your plan, and eventually come to an empty parental house, face a lack of former energy to carry out your ideas, or have no time to tell your loved ones they are important. From the very beginning I wanted this song to be perfect, because I wrote it in memory of my dad, who passed away on March 24, 2020.

My song is a reminder that life is fleeting. Appreciate every day you live and properly manage time allotted to us.



I thought it was a game
In which we live forever.
And every time I play
I’m reaching the next level.

But then I realized
This life is only one.
You don’t have many tries
Before the game is done.

Why do we have to die?
Why do we need to leave?
Life quickly passes by –
Truth that we can’t perceive.

What if there’s no escape?
What is behind the line?
Everything that we make
Dissolves in eternal time.

Another day has gone.
How many are still there?
Beyond the edge of dawn
I’m hiding my despair.

If I could buy some time,
If I could change the past
I would have been with you
Each day as our last.


CHORUS (with modulation):
[Instrumental solo]

What if there’s no escape?
What is behind the line?
Everything that we make
Dissolves in eternal time.

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