Recently I took part in a shooting for PURINA Pro Plan, and now you can see the new commercial on my site. My only partner on the shooting was aristocratic Welsh Corgi Pembroke – a charming and a nice dog. Even the Queen of England has such breed!

I’ll tell you a little secret – there were three dogs on the set. The first one you can see in the moment with the leash, but when it came to eat promotional stickers, she totally refused to do it. Then the second dog came to help her. She was smaller and with a tail less noticeable than the first one had. This “double” skilfully finished with the task and became happier and full. The third one turned out to be the most cunning – she didn’t need to do anything in the frame and wasn’t upset at all about it, nevertheless she still had a great time communicating with the film crew, basking in the shade on the grass and periodically begging for sausages and cheese in the buffet.

And now watch the commercial and try find “three differences”!