Dear friends!

From all my heart I wish you a Happy World Theater Day!
Recently I’ve found a text that was written by me seven years ago in 2010. I read it again and realized that I am still following my ideas and goals. And I want to share it with you too.

“To live for a leaving behind a light and a good memory, that will warm millions of people’s souls, even after your life… To live for a being remembered and never forgotten, to let people know, that once there was such a person, who loved, worked and just enjoyed every moment of his short, but productive life… Isn’t this the highest aim, which is worth to live a life? Isn’t this the very meaning of life, that everyone try to find so hard, and, sometimes, can not find?

Artists create their paintings – masterpieces, that generations are admire and bow. Composers make a genius music, which excites the ear, forces a heart to beat in rhythm with a beloved melody… Sculptors and architects construct colossal monuments and buildings, which make you to feel the breath of that Era, which time it had been created. Filmmakers shoot amazing movies, at moments of viewing you dive into the atmosphere of a plot, go through with the heroes and spill for them and with them tears of grief and joy. Great writers make their poems and prose, reading which, you become a participant of the events of a distant past or a foggy future, talking about eternal questions and finding answers on your own.

Art can make a person immortal. It can defeat the death. Years and centuries will pass, one generation will replace another, but nothing can erase memory of a truly great creator. Given only once a person’s life can illuminate the path to others after his death, if he can properly dispose his artistic energy. But also it can disappear under the centuries-old layer of history, because of fails to embody his skills and potential. Which way to choose – everyone decides it for himself. And if he still chooses the first option, then God only knows, what torments and hardships man will doom himself in the earthly life for the sake of eternal memory. But if he succeed, man can close the eternal question “is there life after death?” confidently saying that there is one.”