There are moments in everyone’s life when it seems that the whole old world is collapsing, when you don’t want to wake up, because reality is like a nightmare. Usual life can turn upside down at a time when you don’t expect it at all. And there is no time to procrastinate. We need to look for the strength in ourselves to take on new responsibilities and be, as never before, responsible for the health and well-being of our loved ones.

The outgoing year turned out to be extremely difficult and unsightly. But no matter what, I want to summarize it with dignity and look forward to the coming of the next 2020.
In 2019, I managed to take part in several large advertising projects, to work on musical orders. As usual, during stagnation in work, I had a lot of free time. And this year inspiration did not leave me – it brought me two new songs. “TOMORROW” was written in June and has become a kind of hymn to the love of life. I sing that in spite of all the difficulties that a person encounters on his way, you must certainly believe in a bright future and boldly go forward. In November musical inspiration visited me again, and I wrote the song “STAY WITH ME”, in which I raised the topic of finding a loved one in busy life of a large metropolis.
In addition to the bright premieres of my songs I wrote the orchestra song “WINTER’S TALE” at the beginning of the year. It appeared due to my overwhelming impressions of a trip to the fabulous snowy Lapland in December 2018. In May the large-scale orchestral track “SEVEN ANGELS” was released. At that moment I set a goal for myself to create the most powerful and epic track of all that I have ever written. After it was done the search for the name led me to the New Testament – Revelation from St. John the Theologian. Fragments from this book about the apocalypse fit to the music better than anything and, following the meaning of the scripture, the track was called “SEVEN ANGELS”.
In April 2019, I was lucky to get a tremendous experience in the two-week master class of MOSCOW BROADWAY. And in August, the short film “FOCUS GROUP” began to appear on the screens of various festivals, in which I also had the pleasure to take part as an actor.

Summing up, I wish everyone who reads this post family well-being, great luck and peace of mind in the new 2020! Appreciate every day of your life and surround yourself only with the closest and loving people! Let your Instagram be filled with the most vivid and memorable moments!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020, friends!