Hello friends!

Today I publish the news about a big event in my creative life – for more than three months I have been working on a complete restructuring of my orchestra and vocal tracks for publication on popular platforms of online music stores (iTunes, Boom, Spotify, Youtube Music, etc.). For 10 years of musical creative development, I have tried a huge number of instrumental libraries and plugins in my work. Over time, they came out with many updates and versions that stopped opening and playing correctly in old music projects. Over time, I found my own sound and technology of music writing, mixing and mastering.

I wanted to bring a new modern sound to each track, so that all together they sound equally bright and colorful, and within the framework of music albums they have the same sounding and style. For this, it took me a considerable amount of time, skill and professionalism to carry out large-scale work to restore the entire music collection from the very beginning. The job was to completely transform literally everything, to recover each instrument track-by-track and to add the best edits and effects using the most advanced plugins. Publication of my works for commercial purposes on the Internet imposed on me, as never before, the responsibility to do the job with the highest quality and “in good conscience”. And now when many hours and months of work are behind me, I am incredibly proud to present you two finalized albums with orchestral music – “Colossus” and “Apocrytos”.

You may now find my music on more than 150 platforms and choose the best one for you!