Hi everybody!

A great and long-awaited event in my creative life has finally accomplished – after seven long years I wrote a new author’s song! Unlike the previous one (“Pain Of Loving You”), which I was “hatching” and honing for almost a year, a new song appeared quite unexpectedly and literary in just one day. During this time I managed to come up with both a melody and text. Of course, for the next seven days, I was working on filling the arrangement, refining the text in English and recording and processing the vocal parts. But in any case, I believe that doing so much work almost alone in such a short period of time is quite a result and achievement.

The song was called “TOMORROW” after the first and central line of the chorus. Before writing, I was inspired by watching the movie “The Greatest Showman” and decided to write something in a similar style. My own musical taste still led me somewhat away from imitating the musical, but anyway, I believe the sounding has still something in common. For the topic I took the problematics of finding yourself in life and shaped it in the form of motivation to action. Being a big fan of orchestral music, I couldn’t resist to arrange it with classical instruments, complementing them with synthetic pads, modern percussion and guitars.

The new song turned out to become “mine” indeed, because each line finds a deep response in my own life and symbolically describes my thoughts and point of view in literary form. I really want you to like it and, as any good and “proper” song, I want it to spin in your head for a long time after listening.

Now turn the volume up louder and press the play button!

I want to express special thanks to Victoria Vasneva (English lyrics consultant) and Darya Veselova (back-vocal) for their active support and help in creating this song.



I’m torn with the question –
What remains after us?
Need to find a direction
That I’ve had already once.

There is pain inside my heart
That I let no one ever see.
There’s a storm within my head
That always will remain with me.

Who knows what will come tomorrow?
This life is too short for sorrow.
Look up to the clouds above you –
There is always sunshine breaking through.

A new day will come tomorrow
Your aim is what you should follow.
As long as you feel the heartbeat
There’s nothing to fear, go for it!

You never surrender
When the world falls apart.
And always remember –
You should listen to your heart.

Our life runs fast and fleetly
There is not much time to wait.
Make your dreams come true completely,
Leave the shadows you create.


Every day, every night
I have to get up and fight
Despite all the fright.
It’s up to me to achieve,
The only rule – is I need to believe.

CHORUS (with modulation):
No matter what comes tomorrow
There’s no reason to feel sorrow.

Whatever will come tomorrow…

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