In preparation for the release of my first vocal album I decided to record the English version of my first song “Pain Of Loving You” the lyrics of which appeared 8 years ago along with the Russian version. My classmate Alesya Vlasenko took part in creating the poetic translation and, in my opinion, it turned out to be interesting and quite conveying the meaning of the Russian version.
To realize the recording of the new song, I had to completely rewrite the instrumental – the old project, taking into account the release of new plugins and updates, flatly refused to open. But whatever happens, happens for the best, so the new arrangement began to sound more spatial and refreshed.

I want to remind you that this song was written specially for the music video that I won at the vocal contest “Chizhov’s Gallery Lights The Stars” and it was my first song I’ve ever created.

Stay tuned for the release of the new album on the News page !

Pain Of Loving You


Time froze the rhythm, silence prevailing
Driving us crazy yet.
Seems I just met you, now you are leaving –
Hard for me to forget.

Don’t fade away when tears are useless,
We can revive the past.

Pain of loving you
Stop hurting my tormented heart.
Let us save that time we knew
I promise, we won’t fall apart.
Know that I’ll be here
Forever all I need is you.
Stay with me and leave your fear,
My love will be enough for two.

Each word reminds me moments we shared
Present is hard on us.
Walking away like you never cared
Telling me that you must.

Eyes never lie and yours – they show me
That you want to hold on.


Trust me we can make this love work again,
Feelings much stronger will always remain.

CHORUS (with modulation):

Me and you…