Summing up the results of the outgoing year, I can say that it has become the most controversial and resonant in my life. By coincidence, I meet hte new year in my own apartment, which I have dreamed of for ten years since I moved to Moscow. But the price of it turned out to be too high – I had to sell everything in Voronezh that connected me with this city before, I had to leave forever the places where I grew up and where every corner is filled with memories. In the past year my dearest  grandmother with whom I shared the most intimate secrets and in whom I have always found solid support passed away. Any joy from certain events in my life is now drowned out by the pain of loss, with which I will have to learn to live on.

And nevertheless, every time I have high hopes for the next year, I hope that it will bring happiness and pleasant moments, will be filled with new travels, interesting work and will not leave me and my loved ones in trouble once again. May 2022 finally break the chain of sad events that have haunted me lately.

Happy New Year 2022!