From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the International Theater Day! In this difficult time for everyone, no matter what, I wish you comfort and peace, joy and prosperity in your life! Patience, wisdom and financial well-being to you and your loved ones! And of course a lot of health!

I recently wrote a new song which is my manifesto for what is happening in our world right now. I called it “I PRAY”. I am pleased to share my work with you, and perhaps it will resonate in your hearts and will not leave you indifferent.

Happy World Theater Day!

I Pray


Can you feel the air?
All is filled with dust.
Mist is everywhere
Among us.

What have we all done?
How can it be fixed?
All our dreams have gone
In that mist.

I pray in my life there’ll come a day
When we open up our hearts and minds.
I pray everyone will find their way,
And the dark times will stay far behind.

I pray.
I pray.

Things we used to know
Cannot be the same.
Rivers only flow
In one way.

Take another breath
Life is always tough.
All that we have left
Is our love.

I pray for the people of the world
That they’ll never meet the face of war.
I pray if there’s someone we call God,
Let him tell us what all this is for?

I pray.
I pray.

CHORUS (ending):
I pray to live this life in peace
With no place for despair and pain.
I pray the sun will always rise
And all the troubles fade away.