Recently the TV series “DUET BY RIGHT” was released with my participation. I played a creative director in a suspicious photo studio whose owner was killed at the very beginning. The shooting took place in Tver and became actually the first project outside of Moscow for me.

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25 episode

Late in the evening a famous blogger and a photographer Kitaev was found dead on the street. He is dressed in home clothes and it is immediately clear that he came out of his studio for a short while. During the autopsy, it turns out that the photographer was poisoned with some exotic mixture added into tea. It turns out that Kitaev himself let the killer into his studio and did not expect that he would be poisoned.

26 episode

After a conversation with the administrator of Kitaev it tured out that he actually “sold” beautiful girls to wealthy men. Moreover, the girls idolized him and lined up for him in a queue. But his main favorite has recently become a girl named Margot. Though with the former business partner Razumovsky relations were very bad, Kitaev sued him and actually ruined Razumovsky. This could be a serious motive. But whether Razumovsky was involved in the murder remains to be found out… Charushin is recovering and returning to work. He thanks Alla but at the same time notes the merit of Tanya. Alla doesn’t like the praising Tanya. Mila is sure that Tanya is setting up Alla, but she does not dare to tell her friend about it…

Directors: Vladimir Melnichenko, Mikhail Zhuravkin, Alexander Gornovsky
Operators: Sergey Baskoev, Murad Gaziev
Studio: CultMedia
Number of episodes: 50
Timing: 48 min.
Year of release: 2018 (Russia-1 TV channel)
Genre: detective, drama, criminal