Today I am pleased to introduce you my new musical work – an orchestral track called “THE LAST HERO”. It took the 5th place in my instrumental album Mashinetron and continues the story of the distant future.

He is someone who at first glance is indistinguishable in the crowd. Modest and sometimes shy in usual life, but if it’s necessary he is ready to rush into battle without hesitation and, risking his own life, to perform a brave and courageous act. He is always here to help his neighbor or to save the whole planet. His courage and fearlessness evokes admiration and awe. His name is the Last Hero.

I hope you will enjoy my new track. Leave your comments, I will be glad to know my work has been heard. And remember – no one is born a hero, but you may become one!

See you soon!

The Last Hero

You can listen to my soundtracks works on the ORCHESTRAL MUSIC page.