I can’t wait to share the great news with you – today I finished my new song, which I called “STAY WITH ME”. I wrote the music and the lyrics by myself, this time I decided to choose love theme as a basis.

Have you ever wondered how many single people live in the world? And in huge cities, paradoxically, there are even more of them. And the reason for this is fear of making contact, taking the first step and starting communication. Lots of people absorbed the culture of a beautiful love story from Hollywood movies and transfer idealized images into real life. They constantly hope to meet a prince or a princess, while they  don’t notice anyone who is really beside. But often true love can be very close – by the next door or in a couple of blocks from home.

I tried to combine two moods in one song: the first part is lyrical and filled with dreams of the ideal love, and the second is the moment of making a decision and a positive continuation of the story.

This time I decided not to include bridge in the structure of the song and used instrumental part as a separator between the choruses. Due to the solo violin and cello, the arrangement became more ethnic. A bright group of brass instruments gave drive and enthusiasm to the chorus parts.

I hope you will enjoy my new song! Please leave your comments, I will be glad to read your feedback.

Stay With Me


I see the same dream every night,
It’s stuck inside my head –
You come out of the glowing light,
I pray it never ends.

When every time I see your face,
I’m only asking why
I cannot find in real life
Your beauty and your smile.

Stay with me forever,
I’ll never let you down.
Hand in hand together
Let’s keep the sacred vow.

Every day and always
I’m here by your side.
Love will last, I promise,
Until the end of time.

No matter where, no matter how
I’m gonna find you soon.
I’ll turn the whole world upside down
And even check the Moon.

I’d give you both my love and soul,
We’d meet the rising sun.
Two loving hearts in river’s flow
We’ll be combined in one.


No matter where, no matter how
I’m gonna find you soon…

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