Hello everyone!

Today is a special day when I celebrate two important events – International Theater Day and my birthday! This amazing coincidence unites me and my friends-colleagues in a joyful and creative celebration. On this day, I want to congratulate everyone involved in the theater – actors, directors, playwrights, artists, theater workers, and of course, the audience who always leave a part of themselves in the concert hall. Thanks to you, the theater lives, evolves, and transforms, continuing to delight and inspire us with new performances and shows.

I am happy and grateful to live in a world of art, where every day is a new adventure. May this day be filled with joy, laughter, inspiration, and creative sparks that will make it special and unforgettable. May each of us find our creativity and strength in art, allowing ourselves to dream and believe in miracles, because in theater all dreams become a reality. May the theater always be with us, bringing us happiness, comfort, and unforgettable experiences. May our days be filled with the beauty of art, its magic and enchantment, which will leave no one indifferent.

Happy holiday and happiness to all of you! Happy International Theater Day 2024!!!