Today I want to share with you the long-awaited news!

For almost a year I have been editing my orchestral music. Previously written songs seemed to me not good enough quality, because over time I went deeper and studied the topic of writing music on the computer in more details, and eventually found for myself new uncompromising libraries of instruments that are able to convey the beauty of the sound of a live orchestra with maximum accuracy. Also, I revised the very technique of writing instrumental tracks: if earlier I was based on the system of separating instruments according to the principle of hearing (legato, staccato, pizzicato, etc.), then I took another, more professional decision – to write parts of each instrument or group separately (first violins, second violins, violas, cellos, basses). It brought accuracy and clarity to the sound, wide pan and correct frequency balance. Before I wrote a part of some unfamiliar instrument, I got acquainted with information about its features. For example, I learned that the organ and bagpipes do not have volume levels, so all notes should sound equally smooth. The group of string instruments, on the contrary, is rich in settings, and only after I learned their characteristics, I was able to bring their sound closer to the real one. Also I would like to say few words about my work on the orchestra choir and solo vocal parts. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to write 60 people at a recording studio, so my salvation was high-quality digital libraries. And if the human ears can be deceived by recreated instrumental batches on the computer, the falseness and inaccuracies in vocals always remain especially noticeable.

I have done a great job of remaking old instrumental compositions in a new way. Today the collection consists of 17 tracks, which are all published in the section ORCHESTRA MUSIC.

Now I can start writing new material, meanwhile I invite you to listen to my albums which I called “COLOSSUS” and “APOCRYTOS”!