I’d like to introduce you my new orchestral work “THE CLOCK IS TICKING”. The main feature of this track is the sound of the clock, which is heard throughout the composition. The music has an ominous sounding, encouraging the listener to think about time and the way of managing it. After all, sooner or later this clock will definitely stop and it will be impossible to start it again.

“In a hundred years we will all be buried with our families and friends. Strangers will live in our homes that we worked so hard to build and someone else will earn everything we have today. Most of our stuff will be given away or thrown out or destroyed including the car that we spent a fortune and will probably be scrapped. Our descendants will hardly know who we are nor they will remember us. How many of us ever asked who our grandfather’s father was? After we die we will be remembered for a while and then we’re just a portrait on someone’s wall. And a few decades later our history photos and deeds disappear into history’s oblivion. We won’t even be memories.
If we pause one day to analyze these questions perhaps we would understand how pointless it is for us to worry about 95% of the things that consume our minds daily. If we could only think about this surely our approaches, our thoughts would change and we would do things differently. Perhaps we would feel more free to enjoy ourselves and our lives that we’re living. Take this thoughts into the rest of your day this week this year and remember the saying: “If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t spent more than 5 minutes being upset by it.”

I hope you will spend this 3,5 minutes with pleasure and benefit from listening!

The Clock Is Ticking

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