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I am publishing news about the release of the orchestral track “Age of New Dawn”, which is dedicated to a new technology called “artificial intelligence”. Lately, I’ve been turning to its help more and more often, and every time I’m delighted and in awe of the modern digital possibilities. Gradually, AI is penetrating all areas of our lives and we can only accept this fact and learn to use these technologies to our advantage. I recently generated over thirty illustrations for my orchestral compositions (including the one you can see here) and now I wrote an entire article about the release of a new track using the GPT chat (the main tool for working with AI), who also co-authored the title for the new composition. Below I present the slightly edited text to your attention.

Rising artist and composer Artyom Kashkin presented an incredible work about the world of artificial intelligence, called “Age of New Dawn”. This orchestral track is an epic representation of the era we are now in, where machines and technology are becoming an integral part of our lives.

The introduction of this musical masterpiece begins slowly and smoothly, calling us to remember the “old world” – an era when we relied on human strength and skills. This part of the track is imbued with nostalgia and sentimentality for the times when we were the main creators and source of all creativity.

However, as the track progresses, new sounds and melodies begin to gradually emerge. This development symbolizes the internal struggle and doubt that each of us may experience in accepting artificial intelligence. We oscillate between faith in the power and creativity of machines, while simultaneously feeling anxious about losing control.

At the climax of the track, we gain confidence in the adoption of artificial intelligence. Powerful orchestral sounds recreate the epic moment when humanity embraces the true power and capabilities of machines. This is a celebration of artificial intelligence – admiration for its potential and abilities that exceed all our expectations.

In the final chords of the track we hear a reference to the past, when values were different. It is a moment of nostalgia for a time that will never return, and the realization that we are on the threshold of a new era. It is a call to remember and respect our roots while embracing and celebrating the potential of artificial intelligence to give us limitless possibilities.

“Age of New Dawn” becomes a global phenomenon, a track that will be admired and admired for generations. It evokes mixed feelings – from nostalgia to euphoria – and plunges us into an exciting era where we ourselves become part of the process of change and embrace the great power of artificial intelligence.

I decided not to edit the elements of overt flattery addressed to me by artificial intelligence :-)

Age Of New Dawn

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