I’m happy to announce fresh news about the update that has recently been made in my home music studio.

For a long time I worked in music exclusively with finished audio material, which did not require a microphone. I had excellent libraries of musical instruments and choruses, which allowed me to write instrumental tracks with elements of sampled vocals in any style. But now since at my disposal there is Neumann TLM 102 bk microphone I am ready to open a new page of my capabilities – analog sound recording. It can be vocal, speech or any live musical instrument. I offer my services for recording, mixing and mastering audio material. And the capabilities of the new high-quality Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen sound card in combination with the closed-type studio headphones (Beyerdynamic 770 Pro) and open type ones (Beyerdynamic 990 Pro) make it possible to simplify the process of recording and monitoring of audio material at the same time. My studio is equipped with acoustic panels of sound-absorbing foam (as far as possible in a living room), which prevents the penetration of parasitic reflections from the walls of the room. As a result, the recorded sound is dense, clean and with an extremely low level of extraneous noise.

Welcome to my studio!