I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming 2021 year!

The past year turned out to be extremely difficult and joyless. And it’s not even about the coronavirus epidemic, which dropped from the clouds on everyone’s heads without exception. By coincidence 2020 brought together the most negative scenarios in my life. It doesn’t worth to mention everything that happened, on the contrary I wish to forget it as soon as possible as if it was a bad dream. Nevertheless I have great expectations for the new year 2021, I boldly go forward full of creative plans and hopes, travel ideas and new discoveries, acquaintances and impressions!

May there be a lot of interesting work in the new year, everyone’s health will return to its stable course, borders will open, and with them opportunities for new travels and pleasant moments! Enjoy every day of your life, live here and now, please yourself and your loved ones more often!

Happy New Year 2021, friends !!!