Dear friends,

Today I prepared for you a new orchestral composition called “LACRIMOSA” (from the Latin “lacrimosus” – full of tears, lamentable, sad).

I wrote a short foreword to my track. I hope you will enjoy this new work.


The fog of combat barely settled down and the morning rays lit up the battlefield, as the bodies of the meaninglessly and prematurely passed away soldiers gradually began to appear, whom their mothers and fathers will never meet again, who will not see a single dawn and will not be able to enjoy sunlight. Here and there clouds of caustic black smoke rose and the earth was covered with scarlet blood and strewn weapons that no one needed anymore. Of all life on the field there were only ravens. They flew from corpse to corpse and, perhaps, were the only ones who rejoiced the day which so generously bestowed upon them all this feast.

In the meantime, the sun rose higher and higher, which the fallen warriors will never see again.

It will rain, wash away the blood and extinguish the flame, new time will come and bring new wars and bloodshed. This vicious circle can never be broken, it will again and again meaninglessly take away the lives of prematurely dying soldiers…


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