Hello, world!

I can’t wait to share my fresh news – today I finally found my new work in IP PIROGOVA series (“Individual Proprietor Pirogova”). I got very interesting part there – though I had no text in the script, I had a chance to try myself in 5 different ages. Thanks to professional make up artists now I know what to expect when I’m 50 years old!

Vera’s life rolls steadily along the rails of family happiness, until the betrayal of her husband brings these rails to a dead end. By putting the unfaithful spouse out of the house, Vera loses not only her confidence in men, but also her livelihood. Now is the time to get depressed, but innate enterprise and talent for the confectionery art suddenly open the world of individual entrepreneurship to Vera. It turned out that a sweet business can bring a good income. Now, yesterday’s housewife will have to get used to the role of a business woman, develop her “sCAKEup” and at the same time establish her personal life.

Director: Anton Maslov
Operator: Fedor Struchev
Studios: Yellow Black And White, Super Production
Number of episodes: 20
Timing: 24 min.
Year of release: 2019 (Super TV channel)
Genre: melodrama, comedy

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