Dear friends!

According to the old tradition, today I am summing up the results of the outgoing year 2023. It flew by very quickly and became for me, mostly, a year of rest from the grueling apartment renovation that I was doing in 2022. I completely finished the work of creating the apartment of my dreams and began to gradually shift attention to myself, my health, return to musical creativity and shooting projects, restoring physical, material and emotional resources.

At the beginning of the year in February by the will of an incredible miracle and coincidence I was approved for four advertising projects at once, the filming of which took place one after another for four days in a row in different places and even outside the city, layering fittings sessions into an already busy schedule. But everything went without any hiccups and couldn’t have been better.

In the summer I finally allowed myself to ride a bike a lot, exploring the neighboring areas, parks, streets and attractions, going to exhibitions and just enjoying life. I wrote several orchestral tracks and created more than thirty original illustrations for my music.

The beginning of autumn for me was marked by a big trip to Blagoveshchensk to the “Amurskaya osen” film and theater festival, which made a great contribution to my development and gave new strength for further creative achievements.

I celebrate the New Year 2024 in warmth and comfort, in a festively decorated apartment and surrounded by my family, full of hopes and the brightest expectations, which, I am sure, will definitely await me ahead.

Set clear goals and confidently move towards achieving them. Then your courage and determination as well as the support of your loved ones and friends will definitely help you realize everything you planned! Happy New Year 2024!!!